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Learn how to feel (and be!) in control of your business and income.

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Learn on Your Time

You don't have to spend time away from your practice and thousands of dollars going back to school to get an MBA to learn the skills to grow your practice ethically, predictably, and finally make the income you deserve.

We have taught countless doctors to go from burned out, overworked, overwhelmed and completely disenchanted with our profession… to finally feeling in control of their practice and financial future.

In less than a year. Guaranteed.

Proven Formulas

Our trainings are for healthcare providers who want to serve more patients, better.

Spend more time doing the work you love, and stop wasting money on advertising and marketing "experts".

Stop wasting money to blindly advertise your services.

Stand out from your competitors.

Grow your authority and get recognized.

Make the income you deserve.

We can help you recover the joy of practicing. Schedule a free consultation today.

Our Online Trainings

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PGF 2020
Signature Course

Online training to grow your practice. Learn what you were never taught in medical school about running a profitable practice.

Stem Cell Practice Blueprint

Learn the secrets behind some of the most successful stem cell practices in the United States and abroad. From patient acquisition strategies to hiring and managing staff. 

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LinkedIn for Doctors

Get more patients, book more speaking engagements, and leverage your expertise to become a thought leader in the only social media platform for professionals and business leaders.

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Frequent Questions

I know this all too well…

Most doctors have had bad experiences in the past with "sales trainers" and other courses that don't know the differences between a healthcare practice and other service businesses.

The difference with our trainings is that they were made by practicing doctors. People who have gone through medical training and who have also learned how to transform their practices into profitable businesses.

Plus, every course comes with our 10x Guarantee.

Every program comes with its own 10x Guarantee which basically means that, if you do the work and follow the directions, we guarantee you will AT LEAST get ten times your investment back in new business.

So, if this does not happen, we'll gladly give you your money back. You just have to show that you completed the training and put in the work.

Let's be clear about something: for any business to be successful, something needs to be sold. And your practice is no exception.

Having said that, it is important to understand that none of our trainings are "sales trainings". We will not ask you to create useless "bundles" and sell your patients unnecessary supplements and other garbage.

We will also not waste your time with phony "closing tactics" or any of that.

Still not convinced, schedule a call and let's talk.

Some of our trainings are done via live sessions and some are pre-recorded.

In the case of the live sessions, as a student, you will have access to watch these videos at your leisure, regardless of whether you attended live or not.

Be warned though, the video lessons are not downloadable. You can watch them as many times as you'd like, but it must be done while logged into our platform.

This varies depending on the course.

Some of them have lifetime access where, by purchasing it once, you will forever have access to the material through our platform.

Some others have ongoing monthly or yearly access fees where you will have access to the entire course material for as long as you remain an active student.

All of our online courses have a strict No Refunds Policy.

We do this to prevent someone from buying a course, consuming the content and asking for a refund. That's not fair for the rest of our students who have bought the course and is not fair for us.

The only exception is in the case of you not making at least 10x your original investment and requesting our guarantee.

We'll be heartbroken…

But it's entirely up to you.

Just email us at [email protected], or cancel directly via your profile link while logged in.

Keep in mind though, that courses with forever access do not have an ongoing fee and those are non-refundable and payment plans for these courses are non-cancellable.

See our refund policy above.


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Looking for Custom Trainings?

Do you manufacture or distribute products, devices or even services to the medical community? If so, it is in your best interest to help them become profitable and successful.

We've customized our core trainings to suit the specific needs of device manufacturers and product distributors in orthopedics, regenerative medicine, cosmetic dermatology, medical spas, and several other fields.

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"Dr Gutierrez has been encompassing innovation and new endeavors reflecting agility, clinical knowledge and improving outcomes. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him."

Ilan Shapiro, MD


"I had taken other online trainings before but they were all about pushing patients to buy expensive packages and other tactics that did not sit well with me. But PGF is about becoming a better doctor. Best investment I've made for my practice."

Raquel Carver, ND

Building A Successful Practice Is Not Brain Surgery

It's as simple as learning the basics of running a business like marketing, branding, managing a team, and keeping your patients happy.

But most doctors don't know what they don't know about running a business.

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