Scale Your Practice

Stop struggling to generate traffic & convert leads. There's a smarter way to grow your income.

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Struggling to Run Your Practice?

Is it hard to get new patients to visit your website?

Are you tired of buying ads and not getting results?

Frustrated with lower, and lower reinbursements?

Do you need more staff but can't afford to hire anyone?

Sick of carrying all the liabilities and reaping few rewards?

Thinking about giving up and doing something else instead?

What's In It For You?

Running a profitable practice is neither a matter of luck or relentless effort. It's just a combination of the right strategies and the proper guidance to execute them consistently.

Step By Step Roadmap

The answers to your struggles are everywhere. Books, videos, articles, podcasts, social media posts, etc…

Everyone is quick to offer you solutions. But the real value comes from knowing which step needs to be taken at any given time. 

A Proven, Tested, and Effective Investment

Committing to a business strategy can be a daunting task. You've probably tried buying ads, hiring an agency, or paying for software - without any tangible results.

When you work with me, you don't just invest in consulting. You invest in yourself, your business and being able to practice in your terms.

Hands-Off Growth Planning

You need to grow your practice, not more headaches.

Let me create a roadmap for you and your practice. From strategizing to implementation so you can focus your time and energy in delivering care to your patients.

My business is to help you, and your practice, reach and serve more patients better.

You Need Growth.
I Can Help.

Hi. I'm Dr Ernesto Gutierrez. I'm a medical doctor and an entrepreneur.

As a practicing physician, I served as Chief Medical Officer at Advanced Biomedicine where I grew the clinic to over a million dollars in annual revenue exclusively from medical tourism services. 

I have also helped other practice owners, in fields such as aesthetic medicine, dentistry, primary care, rheumatology, ophthalmology, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, integrative medicine and several surgical specialists grow their income and serve more patients.

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Here's How It Works

Coach - Step1-Diagnose


My Practice Growth Formula is simple - listen, learn, strategize, execute.

Just like you do in your practice, it all starts with a consultation. I will ask you some questions to better understand your current challenges as well as what your goals are for your practice.

Most agencies don't understand the nuances of a healthcare business and so start with the wrong diagnosis. 

Get a Diagnosis

I work with practice owners -across all fields and specialties- helping them consistently grow their income and scale their practice without having to spend more hours in the office or dollars in advertising.

They are able to do this because they have the right diagnosis and precise step-by-step roadmap to practice success from someone who has done it before them.

Coach - Step2-Dx
Coach - Step3-FollowUp

Offer A Treatment Plan

Not just directions, but hand-holding.

A precise, custom roadmap might be all you need. But if you want to get to your destination faster, while avoiding the common pitfalls, you will want to have the support and guidance from someone who has been in your shoes before.

Know you're doing things right.

Get the most out of your marketing.

Hire the right team.

My Process Has Worked With:

Stem Cell Clinics

Plastic Surgery

Medical Spas

Anti-Aging Center

Direct Primary Care

Functional Medicine Clinic

Orthopedic Surgeons

BHRT Practices

Sports Medicine Clinic

Physical Therapy Center

Family Dentistry

Chiropractic Offices

Naturopathic Practices


Naturopathic Practices

Clinical Nutritionists

And we're constantly adding new clients and practices to this list!

Are YOU a Good Fit?

Do you want to make more money while serving your patients better?

Are you looking for consistent, long-term results?

Are you willing to invest (time and money) in your practice's growth?

Did you answer YES to all three?
Then we might be perfect for each other. Apply now.

Who Is This NOT For?

Just like you can't work with every patient that's looking to improve their health, I can't work with EVERY healthcare practice that wants to grow.

Over the years, I've learned that the practices who don't benefit from our method share the following traits:

They work with insurance-based patients and wish to continue doing so, exclusively.

They are uncomfortable with the idea of adding other revenue streams to their practice.

They are wary of trying things other than what the've done in the past.

They are too worried about what their peers will think.

Take The Next Step

Watch this video to learn exactly what's going to happen after you enter your information in the box below.

Here's What Happens After You Apply

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    Due to the nature of Healthcare Consulting and Business Strategy, I am not the right fit for all clients. My application process enables me to guarantee a successful outcome for you and your practice.

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    Discovery Call

    During our discovery call, you will be asked to share some more information about your practice and your goals so we can figure out if we're the right team to help you.

    You will also learn about our process, the different packages we offer, the exact price for the services you require and have all your questions answered.

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    Plan & Execution

    If you decide to engage in our services, we will get started right away scheduling a Practice Intensive. This is a structured strategy call with you and any other leaders in your practice so we can get all the details we require to kickstart your project.

    Armed with that information, and just a few days after your initial application, we will deliver a customized step by step action plan for you and your team to start growing your business and getting the results you expect from your investment.